Monday, May 17, 2010

Nightmare was kind of a nightmare

So Jeromy and I went and saw A Nightmare on Elm Street yesterday. Over all we were disappointed. Being a remake we didn't have to high of standards. We are both big fans of the originals. With that being said we went into the movie in the mind set that this was the first time we are going to see and learn about Freddy Kruger.
Jackie Earle Haley did an amazing job as Freddy. But the rest of the movie just wasn't all that great. So like i said we went into the movie with the mentality that we were just finding out who Freddy was and with that alone, it didn't make the movie very memorable. Then theres the other side, the only things that made it good was the fact that we have seen the originals and already know whats going on. Both jeromy and i give it an "eh"

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